Annual Investors In People Review

We are pleased to announce that following our interim review, Arawak Walton had no issues retaining our GOLD award!

Specific feedback from our assessor included:

  • We’re making really good progress with the recommendations she suggested last year
  • She was really impressed with how we’ve coped with lockdown and managed to keep a tight grip on our KPI’s during the process
  • She was interested in some of the new projects – i.e. what we’re doing around climate change / new IT systems etc.
  • She was pleased our staffing structure has remained stable so far during this very difficult period of months as so many other organisations have had to make difficult restructuring decisions.  
  • Once again she commented that she can’t believe we’re the size we are as we operate as professionally as much larger organisations do.

She’s agreed with some of our suggestions for our focus over the next 12 months and added some more suggestions. So all in all another great assessment. Well done to all of our staff team and we look forward to making lots more progress in the coming year.