Campaign Action: say no to asylum destitution during this pandemic

The Home Office are issuing eviction notices to hundreds of people in asylum accommodation. Visit Boaz Trust to find out how you can help.

During lockdown we’ve seen that street homelessness doesn’t have to exist. Under ‘Everyone In’, the government provided extra funding and charities and statutory agencies worked together to ensure that during the peak of the pandemic, no one needed to sleep on the streets. At the same time, people who were seeking asylum and had received a decision on their claim were allowed to stay on in their asylum accommodation, whatever the outcome of their claim.

Last week though, the Home Office suddenly announced that they would be issuing eviction notices to hundreds of people who had received a negative decision during the last 6 months. This makes absolutely no sense in the current climate, and it will force countless people into destitution and street homelessness. You can read more on this from our friends at NACCOM and Asylum Matters.