A change in the Housing Benefit rules – Could you benefit?

A change in the Housing Benefit rules means that some people will now qualify for help towards their rent and others could get more Housing Benefit.

Couples where one member is sick or disabled and the other is working 16 hours or more per week could become entitled to HB, or could get more HB, following a change in the HB Regulations. It can mean more than £11 extra Housing Benefit every week.

What has changed?

From 23rd June 2017, it does not have to be the disabled member of the couple who is working: the additional earnings disregard applies whichever member of the couple is working 16 or more hours a week.

Contact your local Housing Benefit office if all of the following apply to you –

• You are a member of a couple who live together, and
• You are not receiving Income Related ESA, Income Support, Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Universal Credit or Pension Credit, and
• One of you works for 16 or more hours per week, and
• The other is sick or disabled.