Our Concerns and Complaints procedure

Informal resolution
If possible, we believe it’s best to deal with things straight away rather than try to sort them out later. If you have a concern, raise it with the person you’re dealing with.

How to express concern or complain formally
Request a leaflet which includes a form or complete the form online
You can express your concern in any of the ways below on our website or write to:

Margaret House, 23 Manor Street, Manchester, M16 6HE

If you need help reading this form please call the office and arrangements can be made for support for different languages or providing the document in large print etc.

Dealing with your concern
We will formally acknowledge your concern within 5 working days of receiving it and let you know how we intend to deal with it. Normally, we will only be able to look at your concerns if you tell us about them within 6 months. This is because it’s better to look into your concerns while the issues are still fresh in everyone’s mind.
We will tell you who we have asked to look into your concern or complaint. If your concern is straight forward, we’ll usually ask somebody from the service to look into it and get back to you. If it is more serious, we may use someone from elsewhere in the association or we may appoint an independent investigator. We will aim to resolve concerns as quickly as possible and expect to deal with the vast majority within 20 working days.

If we find that we got it wrong, we’ll tell you what and why it happened. We’ll show how the mistake affected you. If we find there is a fault in our systems or the way we do things, we’ll tell you what it is and how we plan to change things to stop it happening again. If we got it wrong, we will always apologise.

Reviewing the decision
If we do not succeed in resolving your complaint, you may ask for the Chief Executive to review the investigation and outcome.

If you are still not satisfied, you may enlist the assistance of a designated person and after 8 weeks after the end of the Associations formal procedure appeal to the Housing Ombudsman.