Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At Arawak Walton we have a long standing commitment to the principles of equality, diversity & inclusion and a zero tolerance approach on all forms of discrimination, harassment and victimisation. As a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) housing association, Arawak Walton’s ethos is already committed to equality, diversity & inclusion for all.

We work predominantly in the inner city areas of Manchester, Stockport and Trafford. Since our inception as an organisation we have focused on the challenges of social deprivation and exclusion associated with inner cities.

With our specialist knowledge of the African-Caribbean community and its
cultural needs, we work with partner agencies to improve community cohesion by developing sustainable multi-cultural neighbourhoods.


We will actively engage and empower our full diverse range of customers to contribute to decisions about the future design and delivery of services to ensure these meet their requirements.

We recognise the need to develop services, provide high quality services which meet individual and community needs.

We will ensure customers are offered services appropriate to their needs and will refer customers requiring specialist support to service providers with particular expertise in this area, where these exist.

We will ensure that:

  • All decision-making structures consider equality, diversity & inclusion issues.
  • We have the widest possible representation and involvement of customers, staff and Board member.
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion is a fundamental principle in all policies and procedures.
  • No job applicant receives less favourable treatment than any other, and that only the most capable individual is recruited by assessing the effectiveness of our processes by monitoring all recruitment.
  • All employees and Board members are supported in developing the skills and abilities they require to carry out their current and any likely future duties in the organisation by creating equal of access to training.
  • There is an environment where everyone feels valued and is able to perform to their best potential.
  • The Board, staff, customers and visitors understand and follow the standards of behaviour that are necessary for the proper management of equality, diversity & inclusion.

We have also developed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy alongside the organisation’s annually reviewed equality, diversity, and inclusion policy statement and action plan. Read our full strategy here