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Value for money

At Arawak Walton we have had another busy year ensuring we achieve and improve our value for money. Despite the challenges that Covid-19 brought, we have been able to provide services as normal. We are pleased to see that our costs were below our target, which means we can reinvest our surpluses into improving our homes over the coming years, with a focus on health and safety and energy efficiency. We continue to invest in better technology and have been focussing on enabling staff to work more efficiently whilst they are out and about in our communities. During the course of the year we continued to maintain our stock and invested £790k by replacing 56 kitchens, 38 bathrooms, 7 roofs including a major roof replacement at one of our sheltered schemes. We have also replaced windows, doors and boilers at 12 properties.

Our rolling programme of UPVC window replacements ensures that our windows become effectively maintenance free as they don’t require painting like the old wooden ones and also help reduce heating bills. Our modern “A” rated boilers use much less gas, which saves our tenants money. They are also less likely to break down, which saves our tenants’ time and saves us the cost of repairs. The new boilers are also much better for the environment as they produce less carbon dioxide. Due to successful tender processes, staff have ensured that the best prices have been paid for all these property components, in order to obtain best value for our tenants. During the year we have reviewed our asset management strategy, focussing on fire safety measures and

investment in carbon reduction measures for all of our properties. Our 30 year business plan now includes estimated costs of around £400k for fire safety measures over the next 3 years and continues to include significant investment in carbon reduction measures. We constantly work to improve our value for money and we have plans to do this over the course of the next year. A copy of our full value for money statement for 2021/22 is contained within our 2021/22 statutory accounts and can be found on our website here

Performance Information

At Arawak Walton, we aim to continue to deliver excellent customer service, while looking for ways to generate savings and income wherever possible. This ensures that we can re-invest into our current neighbourhoods in addition to growing the number of homes we own and manage, helping to meet the demand for our homes and the aspirations of our tenants.

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Arawak Walton Key Performance Indicators

The following table identifies where Arawak Walton are performing in key areas of the organisation in relation to our targets.

Values Key Performance Indicator Jun-22 Sep-22 Dec-22 Targets
Financial Strength Operating Margin 17% 19% 19% 17.5%
Rent arrears of current tenants as a percentage of rent 2.23% 2.46% 2.32% <3.2%
Rent arrears: General Needs 2.35% 2.62% 2.48% <3.4%
Rent arrears: Housing for Older People 1.63% 1.66% 1.55% <1.8%
Percentage of rent collected as a percentage of rent due 99.97% 100.15% 100.15% >99.2%
Compliance with financial covenants (%) 100% 100% 100% =100%
Rent loss due to voids £18,858 £16,047 £12,803 <£21,374
Rent loss due to voids % 0.11% 0.22% 0.21% <0.40%
Number of days taken to let a property 24.00 25.36 25.85 <26
Growth and Innovation Number of Months Left Available Loan Facilities 45 42 39 >24 Months
Percentage of properties acquired compared to Growth Plan 0% 0% 20% >100%
Open and Accountable Overall Cost Per Unit £4,273 £4,248 £4,261 <£4,230
Percentage of properties that require a gas safety record which had a gas safety check and record completed by the anniversary date 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% =100%
Percentage of tenants with Customer Profile Survey completed 99% 100% 100% >99%
Overall satisfaction with the responsive repairs service 99.17% 97.66% 98.73% >92%
Value People Average Staff Sickness 12.52 11.11 11.60 <9 days
Overall Staff Satisfaction Rate 1.8 2.0 2.0 <1.8
Overall tenant satisfaction with services provided 92% 93% 93% >91%

*Yellow – Our monthly figures missed the target by under 10%
*Red – Our monthly figures missed the target
*Green – Our monthly figures hit the target