Get Involved

How can I get involved in the association?
The Tenants Quality Panel is supported by the association to scrutinize our work and report back with findings and recommendations that we will act on. The Panel has 2 formal meetings per year to direct its work and to receive updates from the association. In-between meetings smaller tenants’ groups work through specific topics to develop action plans for the main meetings to consider. If you are interested in joining the Tenants Quality Panel, please email the Housing Services Team at

Right to Manage
Housing Association tenants have the ‘Right to Manage’ and take over the management of their homes by setting up a Tenant Management Organisation.
Arawak Walton will work closely with any Resident Group wishing to manage services for their homes, and will provide support and guidance to ensure understanding of the options open to them and the implications involved in the self-management of services.
Contact us to find more information about Tenant Management.
How do you consult with us?
Every year we send 4 surveys to tenants to get views on different elements of our service. The first survey of the year is sent to all tenants. Tenants who respond to this are then sent the next survey and tenants who complete all 4 surveys will receive a £20 gift voucher at the end of the year to thank them for taking part. The surveys are postal surveys but you can also complete them online.
Can we join the Board?
Anyone can potentially join the board, and we advertise for Board members from time to time when vacancies arise. We usually look for a specific skill set when recruiting Board Members, such as a knowledge of finance or law. However, we do also offer places for people from the community, including tenants. If you interested in getting involved have a look at the recruitment section of this web site for details of how to apply.