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You can read our short guide to making a complaint here.

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The Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code

In July 2020, the Housing Ombudsman published a new Complaint Handling Code, which has since been updated in 2022. It sets out good practice that will allow landlords like Arawak Walton to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

You can read the Code here: The Housing ombudsman's Complaint Handling Code (

Here is another useful summary link regarding the Ombudsman’s services: Telling residents about our service - Housing Ombudsman (

Landlords are required to self-assess against the Ombudsman’s Code and publish the results. You can view the results of our self-assessment here.

Our Tenant’s Quality Panel members are always included in the review process of our Complaints Policy and Procedure.

As a result of the review we have implemented the following changes to the Policy:

  • Incorporated a clear Exclusions section in the Complaints Policy
  • Provided more clarity that the complainant may appoint a representative if they so wish
  • Implemented an Unacceptable Behaviour Policy/Guidance
  • Implemented a Reasonable Adjustments Policy/Guidance

We have also identified the following ongoing actions:

  • Begin to record cases which fall under the Exclusions section
  • Increase awareness of the Complaints Policy
  • Begin to more widely share improvements that have been made