Your Tenancy

Can I swap my home?
If you are one of our tenants you can swap your home with another tenant or a tenant of another social landlord. This is called a ‘Mutual Exchange’ and if you are interested in swapping your home with someone you can search for them online here. The association pays for this service to co-ordinate home swaps on their behalf.

Can I let my home to someone else?
When you become one of our tenants you are legally obliged to occupy the property as your ‘Main and Principle Home’. You can go on holiday or stay with friends and family for an extended period but you must not take another tenancy or buy a property. This means that you could not let out the whole of your property. The association is very strict in this area and will end your tenancy without delay if this is the case. You can however take in a lodger in certain circumstances, but only after getting our written permission.

Have I got the Right To Buy my home?
Our tenants do not have the compulsory Right To Buy their homes like Council Tenants have, however some tenants have the Right To Acquire their home. The Right To Acquire applies to properties that were bought or built after the 1st of April 1997 and you should ask your Housing Officer if this applies to you. You can also find out more about this here.

We have agreed with the Government that we will offer all tenants the Right To Buy their home under a voluntary agreement that is currently being negotiated with the National Housing Federation. If you are interested in buying your property email and we will send you all the details when we have them.

What if I have problems with my neighbours?
The association wants to ensure that all its tenants and residents can live in peace and not experience tension because of other people in the area. If you have a problem with other tenants or other people in the area contact your housing officer and they can help you by encouraging better behaviour from neighbours or arranging mediation. We work with a range of people including the local authority and the police force to encourage good behaviour from all members of the community and although you can often sort our problems yourself we might be able
to help.

*If you want to read more detailed policies about any of these issues please ask your Housing Officer or email us

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