Our Strategic Roles

Our strategic roles nationally, regionally and locally

Regional work

Arawak Walton works closely with a number of national, regional and local organisations to ensure that, although small, our voice is heard just as strongly as the larger associations.

Arawak Walton is a member of BME National, the body representing the majority of black and minority ethinic housing associations. It sits within the umbrella of the National Housing Federation. BME National ensures that national policies reflect and address the needs of BME communities and in 2014 our Chief Executive, Cym D’Souza was elected its Chair. Our association is a member of the Executive Task Group that agrees the work plan for BME National.

The Association is a member of the North West Housing Forum and the Greater Manchester Providers’ Forum which lobby government for funds to address the Northern regions housing and regeneration needs. Arawak Walton sits on the Forum’s advisory group, which is tasked with ensuring that North West housing priorities and concerns are appropriately identified and lobbying avenues found.

Local and National Campaigns

Locally, we belong to the Manchester Strategic Housing Partnership Trafford’s Joint Commissioning Partnership and are lead BME partner for Stockport. This enables us to raise issues that affect the communities we serve. The relationship also ensures that our stakeholders see us as having a key role to play in achieving their objectives.

We are also members of the North West Community Housing Associations (NWCHA) with other community based housing associations which operate in the North of England, where we play a major role in influencing housing strategy.

Such partnerships support opportunities for us to increase our housing stock. Virtually all our recent stock increases have come through negotiations to transfer homes to us as part of our partners; stock rationalisation plans. Often this means that we can acquire properties at below market value rates.

Owning our Future
Housing associations exist to ensure everyone in the country can live in a quality home that they can afford. If you want to end the housing crisis, you need to work with us.
But that’s not always how we’re perceived. Owning our Future aims to change this. We need to build new relationships and tell our compelling shared story, backed up by the facts. Owning our future