Looking after your home

How do I report a repair?
We provide a dedicated repairs service between 9am and 5pm on weekdays and you can either call us on 08003894616 or call into the office to report repairs or report online here

How quickly do you do repairs?
We have 3 categories of repairs:
  • Emergencies, where there is a danger to health and safety (like a leak or a power failure) which must be made safe within 24 hours.
  • Urgent repairs - where you have a loss of an amenity such as hot water or a cracked window and these must be done in 7 days.
  • All other repairs are routine and we will try to do as quickly as possible but always within 21 days.

Can you do repairs when it is convenient for me?
We will always try to ensure that we agree a convenient time to undertake repairs and we offer appointment times mornings (9am till 12 noon) or afternoons (12 noon till 4pm). We can try to be more specific where possible and will work with you to accommodate your commitments. However, you must ensure that you keep appointments as you can be charged for missed visits.

How do you make sure the property is safe?
Every 12 months we complete a check on your heating system to ensure its safe. You will be notified of the time and date of the visit and can make arrangements to change the visit to a time that suits you. We also have a programme of electronic checks that we complete every
5 years.

How can I help to keep the property in good condition?
One of the key areas of confusion in renting property is around condensation. This is where moisture builds up and makes walls wet, and this then leads to mould growth. Many people confuse this with damp, which occurs when water gets in from outside. You can stop condensation by keeping your home well ventilated using the fans and vents provided or just opening windows. In addition you can help by not drying clothes in doors, not over filling wardrobes and keeping your home warm.

When do you replace things?
We will look to replace elements of your house such as the kitchen, boiler, windows, doors, roofs, electric wiring and bathrooms when they reach the end of their natural life. We have a programme in place to look at these elements to see if they need replacing, and we have put a financial plan in place to enable us to replace them if we need to. Because we want to get the most value we can out of each element, and because we know that many people don’t want to the disruption associated with major work, there is not definite date when things will be replaced.

Can I replace my kitchen myself?
Many people like to put their own personal stamp on the property or want to replace elements of their home before we are scheduled to, and we want to help you do this. We call this our ‘Tenant Improvement Policy’ and you may replace your own kitchen or bathroom, as long as you seek permission first, use properly trained trades people and allow us access to inspect and approve the works.

Do you deal with pests?
We are not responsible for pests of any kind as mice, wasps, fleas and other pests are not part of the structure or the services. Most problems with pests can be dealt with by tenants ensuring that their homes are clean and by taking precautions such as not leaving food out. If you have any concerns about pests in your home, for example, wasps, contact your local council for help.

Grounds Maintenance
One Manchester and 4 Season Lawn and Garden carry out grounds maintenance to some of our properties.

Manchester City Council 0161 234 5000
or visit www.manchester.gov.uk
Trafford Council 0161 912 2000
or visit www.trafford.gov.uk
Stockport Council 0161 217 6017 or 0845 644 4305
or visit www.stockport.gov.uk