Community Donations and Sponsorship

Community Donations and Sponsorship


Do you have an event or a project you would like us to consider for a donation? 
Every year Arawak Walton invests financial and staff resources into projects which support our neighbourhoods and enhance the lives of those in the community.

We have modest funds available to donate to community projects and events and we are always happy to receive applications. 

Here are some examples of what we have offered over the last year:

  • £150 to a local women’s group to host a community BBQ
  • £500 to a Youth boxing Club to hold a Christmas party for the children
  • £250 for a local environmental group to improve the standard of alleyways in the local area
  • £200 toward food hampers at a local foodbank

We are also able to offer assistance with practical things like free meeting space, staff support, volunteering and advice and guidance.

We very much welcome approaches from anyone wishing to access the fund.  If you would like to discuss an event or project you think we could assist you with then please contact the customer services manager on 0161 272 6094.


Are you looking for more structures support for your community group?

In addition to our smaller donations. we are also committed to providing longer term support and advice to a range of community groups. This can include grants, facilities, equipment and staff support.

Some of the groups we have helped include:

  • The Moss Side Partnership
  • Louise DaCocodia Educational Trust
  • Mancunian Way

For further information contact the customer services manager on 0161 272 6094.