Right to Buy

Right to Buy Announcement

You may be aware of the Government’s recent announcement that they intend to provide funding to enable tenants, both Council and Housing Association, to buy their own homes under a Right to Buy(RTB) scheme. As the plans have only just been announced the Government have not released any details about how the scheme will work and how much money will be made available. We are unable to progress any purchases until this information is released.  We already have an existing list of those tenants interested in the voluntary RTB dating back to 2015 when a similar scheme was announced but never launched. If you do not already have your name on this list, please do contact us to register your interest in the RTB scheme. As soon as we have any information, we will contact you and update you accordingly.

To register your interest email rtb@arawakwalton.com with your name, address and a short statement of your interest.