FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you on Manchester Move?
We manage our own waiting list, however, we are obliged to take a number of nominations from Manchester Move. This means that you may sometimes see our properties listed on Manchester Move.

2) Do you provide emergency accommodation?
Unfortunately not. We operate a points based waiting list, and you will need to apply to the Council for emergency housing.

3) Do your require a deposit for a property?
We do not ask for a ‘deposit’, but you will usually be asked to pay the first 4 weeks rent when you sign for your tenancy.
4) Do you accept Housing Benefit?

5) Do you only provide housing for Black and minority ethnic communities?
No, everyone is welcome to apply to join our waiting list. Priority is based on your level of housing need.

6) What kind of rents do you charge for your properties?
Our rents are on average at least 10% below market rents.