Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

With it’s roots in the African Caribbean community, Arawak Walton Housing Association champions the provision of quality affordable homes in sustainable multi-cultural neighbourhoods. We has been providing affordable homes in the heart of Manchester for nearly 30 years.
We specialise in meeting the housing needs of Black and Minority communities in cohesive, multi –cultured sustainable communities. We also firmly established as a financially strong and well managed organisation.

Our Values

1. We value people;
We shall listen and respond to the needs of all people involved with Arawak Walton.

2. We aim high;

We shall improve the quality of our services.

3. We are proud of our roots;

We provide homes, not houses and support and promote our communities whenever we can.


4. We move with the times;

We stay alert to changing circumstances and respond to them with imagination and innovation.

5. We rely on teamwork;

We look for partners and alliances to help us achieve our aims both inside and outside the Association.


6. We are keen financial managers;
We need financial strength and effective financial management to underpin and expand our work; we use our resources to add value and release potential.

7. We are open and accountable;
We provide user-friendly information about our performance as a housing association.