Be aware of Census scams!

The 2021 Census is a legitimate survey conducted every decade to count the number of people in England and Wales, along with other details. It is a legal requirement to fill out the Census for all households. Sunday 21 March is Census Day.

Cybercriminals are once again sending phishing emails and text messages aimed at tricking recipients out of their sensitive data, such as financial information or National Insurance numbers. You will not be asked by ONS for your national insurance number, passwords, bank account details, or card numbers. There have also been reports of phone calls or cards left volunteering to help you fill in your census – this will not be from the Office for National Statistics!

Make sure to hover over any links before clicking, and check the sender’s full email address to determine whether it looks genuine – the Office for National Statistics, which is carrying out the census, will only ever contact you from the email address.