Community Engagement

Do you fund community groups?
We provide financial and staff support to other community events, for example the Moss Side Carnival and the Hulme Christmas Lights switch on. In addition we are keen to be involved in projects and events in the communities where we work and provide small sponsorship grants to support events in the community. If you know of an event that might need some help, please contact the office.

Do you fund community groups?
Although money is very tight, we have managed to secure some funding to support community groups and events with small donations (typically around £150). In addition we have committed to providing longer term support and advice to a range of community groups. This can include grants, facilities, equipment and staff support.
Some of the groups we have helped include:

Youth on Solid Ground (YSG)

An active and effective charity that uses sports, education, training, social activities, and mentoring to empower young people to increase their confidence, motivation, skills, employability and quality of life.

Whiz Youth Project

Are a charity set up to provide space for young people to learn, have fun and take part in sport and leisure activities.

Principles of Whiz:
  • Facilitating the personal, social and educational development of young people.
  • Celebrating diversity.
  • Empowering young people to achieve their potential.
  • Developing self-confidence in order to successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges.
  • Giving young people a voice, influence and place in society.

Windrush Defenders

Is an independent Black led campaign set up to support those, in our communities, who are under the threat of deportation.

The campaign also works towards ensuring that all British citizens, specifically but not exclusively, of the Windrush era and their children, are protected against a law which enables the state and its apparatus to strip and deny them of their most basic rights – citizenship, freedom of movement and the threat of being detained and deported.

Families Against Violence (FAV)

Are a charity who offer a range of services and opportunities that provide inspiration and guidance:
  • Encourage education – by showing young people how to get into college, improve their skills and get qualifications. By helping young people develop personally and socially – giving them the strength to reject violence and a life of crime.
  • Improving relationships between fathers and sons – by motivating them to realise their potential, raise their aspirations and build themselves a brighter future.
  • Establishing partnerships - with parents, schools, community groups and local authorities so that they can step in and help those young men at greatest risk of being drawn into gangs and by showing them where they can get help and stay out of trouble.

Sickle Cell Care Manchester

Are a charitable organisation run by people whose lives have been affected by Sickle Cell Disease for people living with Sickle Cell Disease and their families.

Their aims are:
  • To promote and support the physical, social and emotional well-being of individuals living with the tribulations of Sickle Cell Disease.
  • To offer support, education and practical advice to those striving to live successfully with Sickle Cell Disease.
  • To provide resources to inform the general public in all areas relating to Sickle Cell Disease.
  • To provide care and guidance in surviving the afflictions of Sickle Cell, helping them understand.