Election 2019: BMENational Calls on Political Parties to help solve the housing crisis

With an election taking place on December 12th, BMENational has called on all political parties to make key commitments to support black and minority ethnic (BME) housing organisations that work in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country.

BME housing associations are essential to help solve the housing crisis. They have played a huge role in society, pushing issues of race and equality into the mainstream and changing the housing landscape. However we know that BME households are still more likely to experience overcrowding, poorer quality housing and fuel poverty. They are also more likely to live in England’s most deprived neighbourhoods and are less likely to own their home.

Commenting on the election the Chief Executive of Arawak Walton Housing Association, and Chair of BME National, Cym D’Souza said:

‘We are committed to delivering homes and services to BME communities, but we need the support of political parties addressing housing inequality.

We have identified four areas where Government action is urgently needed – ageing well, ending homelessness, equality of opportunity and thriving and diverse cities. We call upon all parties to commit to support our aims and help us work together in addressing the challenges faced in our communities’

BME National Mission Statement

BMENational calls on all political parties to make the following commitments to support our communities:

Ageing well

Creating an environment where older BME people can live healthy and fulfilled lives.

Income inequality puts older BME people in a vulnerable position. They are less likely to have savings, less likely to inherit from earlier generations and less likely to have occupational pensions to support their retirement.

Ending homelessness

Ensuring people from BME backgrounds can access and sustain housing. We’re facing a homelessness crisis in England, and it’s disproportionately affecting BME people.

Equality of opportunity

We want to help people into employment. Discrimination, unconscious bias and exclusion have held back the potential of BME communities for too long.

Diverse and thriving cities

Investing in inner city areas to facilitate social cohesion and create vibrant places to live in.

There are stark divisions in prosperity and opportunity in many inner cities across the country, often where BME communities are more likely to live.

Read the full mission statement or get in touch with BMENational using the contact details below.

About BME National:

BME National is a collective of over 45 housing associations working in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country. Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) housing associations were set up in the 1970s and now manage over 65,000 homes and act under the auspices of the National Housing Federation, as well as collaborating with the Federation to influence national housing policy, BME National also provides a consultative and promotional platform for BME housing issues.  BME National aims to highlight the contribution BME housing associations make to successful, vibrant and integrated communities while promoting equality and diversity in the delivery of housing and support services.

About Arawak Walton Housing Association

Arawak Walton is the largest independent black and minority ethnic (BME) housing association in the North West. With its roots in the African Caribbean Community, the association champions the provision of quality affordable homes and services in sustainable multi-cultural neighbourhoods in and around Manchester.

With over 1100 homes in ownership and management, its asset base is £65 million and turnover is in the region of £5 million.


For additional information or comment, please contact Mushtaq Khan from BMENational on Tel: 07970 591956 or email: info@bmenational.co.uk or contact Cym D’Souza on

0161 272 6094 or email: contact@arawakwalton.com