Hawaiian Party

Summer is here and our tenants are really getting in the mood!

Sycamore Court, one of our housing schemes for over 55s, hosted a summer party with an open invite to the local community and other Arawak Walton tenants.

“The Hawaiian theme was just the thing to get us in the swing of summer” said Julie, Scheme Manager

Tenants had the idea for a party during a regular tenants meeting and chose the Hawaiian theme to celebrate the warm weather approaching.

Working in partnership with Age Friendly the plans soon took shape with a DJ providing Age Friendly music, a choice of food and refreshments.

Jude Wells from Age Friendly has worked with Arawak Walton on previous activities including an 8 week Computer Course where our over 55s residents learnt basic computer skills, got help with accessing emails and effective use of the internet.

Hawaiian Party