Tenant Surveys

Arawak Walton is committed to ensuring that residents are able to give their views and take part in the decision making process in a way that fits with their lifestyle and commitment. We carry out four surveys a year to help the Association decide how to better deal with tenants in the future. We choose different topics every survey to understand how our tenants feel about these areas of service. The feedback we receive from the surveys help prompt decisions taken by the Association.

Survey 4 2019 – Community Responsibility

Survey 3 2019 – Customer Service Charter – Part 2

Survey 2 2019 – Fly-Tipping- Part 2

Survey 1 2019 – Customer Service Charter

Survey 1 2018 – Newsletter

Survey 2 2018 – Anti-social behaviour

Survey 3 2018 – Fly tipping

Survey 1 2017 – Services

Survey 2 2017 – Value for money

Survey 3 2017 – Repair service

Survey 4 2017 – Customer offer service

The first survey of the year is sent out in March with your tenant newsletter. If you complete all four surveys within the timescale you will receive a £25 gift voucher at the end of the year.

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