Arawak Walton is committed to the ongoing consultation of tenants and is continually improving services.

In May 2019, Arawak Walton Housing Association commissioned Kwest Research, an independent company to undertake a census resident satisfaction survey.

The 2019 survey findings confirm that Arawak Walton Housing Association continues to provide homes and a range of services that meet the needs and expectations of the majority of customers. Evidence of this can be seen throughout the findings and includes results such as around nine in ten residents expressing satisfaction with landlord service, repairs, home quality and neighbourhoods and communities. Satisfaction is also high with staff dealing with queries.

– 92% of residents are satisfied with overall landlord service

– 88% of residents are satisfied with our repairs and maintenance

– 88% of residents are satisfied with advice given on rent payments

We are extremely proud with these fantastic results which demonstrates that supporting our tenants is at the heart of everything we do.

To read the full report please click the following link: