The most comprehensive flu programme in UK history will be rolled out this winter by extending the list of those eligible for the free flu vaccine

Providers will work to vaccinate more than 30 million people during this flu season – millions more than received it last year.

As part of an unprecedented drive, a free flu vaccine will be available to:

  • people who are on the shielded patient list and members of their household
  • all school year groups up to year 7
  • people aged over 65, pregnant women, and those with some pre-existing conditions including at-risk under 2s

Once vaccination of the most ‘at-risk’ groups is well underway, the department will work with clinicians to decide when to open the programme to invite people aged 50 to 64, with further details to be announced. The NHS will contact people directly, including information about where to go to get the vaccine.

To read the full press release from the Government about the expanded flu vaccination programme to protect vulnerable people and support the NHS please visit the GOV.UK Website

For more information about the Flu Vaccine, please visit the NHS.UK Website