We are joining Housing organisations across the country for #BigHousingThankyou to say thanks to all of our team, colleagues and partners who have been keeping residents safe during this pandemic! #Proud

They’ve taken on so many emergency roles without missing a beat: shopping for the vulnerable, delivering prescriptions, staffing cemeteries and morgues, supervising shelters for rough sleepers and much more.

And still doing all the usual stuff – sorting repairs, caring for communal spaces, giving advice, helping customers cope with crisis.

The following poem is to show our appreciation for all housing workers at this unusual time. Watch some of the UK Senior Housing Leaders (including our very own Cym D’Souza) read this beautiful poem!

Thanks Are Due

Here we make a house a home,
here we make a flat your own…
and this work we don’t do alone.

There’s hundreds out there every day
working hard to keep at bay
the wear and tear, the “come what may” –

To you we owe our gratitude
for your bravery, your aptitude:

caretakers take the time to care, empty bins, clean the stairs,
make a difference everywhere;

care workers lend a helping hand: medication, dignity,
a ray of hope – they’re the key;

sparkies, plumbers conduct repairs, keep the lights on, keep prepared
every home, every space we share;

and those who run our refuge spaces, who provide the safest places
to go when things are at their worst;

and residents, now well versed in social distance, staying in
who keep things calm, inspiring;

and everyone who works with us, delivers, fixes, and in doing thus
makes us proud, keeps our chins up.

To our workers: we depend on you –
your bravery, your fortitude,
for every single thing you do
a million times, our thanks are due.

Find out how to support the #BigHousingThankyou at nph.org.uk/bighousingthankyou